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How much can I sell a used acoustic piano for?

I have a GREAT CONDITION Barratt & Robinson Upright Acoustic Piano that i don't need anymore and was wondering how much I could sell it for? (in AUD)

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    Place it in a good drinking establishment would be a good place for to sell it too....

  • John
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    9 months ago

    I got mine for free - a console in excellent shape.  Paid $100 to have it moved.

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    You own an 800-pound object that is not in much demand.  What YEAR of manufacture is it?  I did not find in in a short search No, it does not have any antique or much musical value. It will cost more to MOVE the thing than it is worth. I piano technician might take the ivories, for repair on fine pianos (endangered species - you cannot get real ivory anymore, except from old pianos).  A cabinet maker might convert the case , if the wood is in great shape, to a desk or wine cabinet.  The plate and string can be sold for metal scrap.  The possibility of you GIVING IT AWAY might exist - but the receiver will have to move it.  Larry Fine is an expert in this area - and you will soon see that what you have just might be potential firewood.  Good luck - but old or used pianos are white elephants.

    Source(s): Career professional ,multi-degreed musician in NY areas since 1973. Owner of gorgeous rebuilt Steinway squaretail A - 1910
  • Mike
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    9 months ago

    When my grandmother died, we could not get rid of her 1880 era upright piano. It was not made by a famous piano maker. The Salvation Army and Goodwill wouldn't take it. I finally had to take a sledge hammer to it and break it into pieces that we added to the garbage cans for several weeks.

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  • 9 months ago

    Look on Craigslist for a similar piano. That would give you an idea of the price your piano could sell for.

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