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Before YouTube existed were there any other video file sharing websites?

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    There were video file sharing computer servers well before ANY websites. There were dial-up BBS servers all over the world, hosting thousands of topics, including video file-sharing.  Of course, at 9600 bps, your mom was going to wonder why the phone was tied up all night...

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    3 weeks ago

    correction: Video sharing website. They dont want us sharing files anymore those basturds.

    Before youtube, videos were from porn sites

  • 3 weeks ago

    Yes, Vimeo for example.

  • 3 weeks ago

    I used gaming websites that had some sometimes but not often. usually it was just specific websites

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    3 weeks ago

    there still are:






    many of those were around about the same time as youtube.

    however, they did not always share videos. when youtube first came out, it was not owned by Google, and it was a time when high speed was not quite prevalent everywhere yet. so as more people uploaded more videos, they quickly realized they were running out of both storage space and bandwidth, especially since they were a free service (although initially they limited free upkoads to about 200MB, if i remember correctly).

    once they sold to Google, they upped the limit to 1GB, then eventually unlimited.

    and the rest is history...

  • yes ebaumsworld

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