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Natural gas boiler.. daily water pressure loss.?

I have a gas boiler that heats up the house. My current issue is every two days I lose all or most water pressure but no leaks found. The piping is easy to follow throughout the house just one zone/circuit. Is it possible the water is leaking and evaporated through heat exchanger? I don't get all air out the system I try my best could that be why maybe it's streaming though? On cold I have water pressure at about 14-15psi when hot it goes to about 18psi and that reached the 3rd floor.

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    Check the safety overflow pipe. It should be situated on an outside wall. If it's dripping, or even wet , the safety valve in the boiler is letting by. Your pressure figures are puzzling. In the UK sealed system boilers operate at much lower pressures. Are you sure you aren't missing a decimal point?

    A leaking heat exchanger could be a cause too. You need to call in a qualified gas heating engineer to investigate.

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      I had a tech come in he removed the air and cleaned the system.. but that only lasted so long. 

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    I'd point the finger at a failed expansion vessel.

    If it's failed, circulation water spills out via the overflow when the system gets hot.

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      I add about 10 on the pressure gauge every two days isn't that more water then what that tank holds?

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    Call a plumber/heating technician.  There is a leak or an air pocket in the line.

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    I would look for the leak in the boiler.

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