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Ssdi can one go to Supreme Court with case?

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  • Foofa
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    3 weeks ago

    SCOTUS hears cases that have deadlocked in lower courts and usually cherry picks the ones that have broad interest...meaning they'd interpret or reinterpret federal law. So unless your case is about more than just you the Supreme Court will never hear it.

  • Judith
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    3 weeks ago

    Ask your attorney - because if you want to appeal it that far you will need one.  However, I doubt very much that the Supreme Court will accept the case. Why?  It isn't a constitutional issue and that's all they take on.

    The Appeals Council Review is the last step of the appeals process where the social security administration makes a determination on a case.  After that you must file an appeal with the US Federal District Court.  I would say that anyone who is denied by the US Federal District Court doesn't have a case.  Either your insured status ran out or you aren't severely disabled.

    • T3 weeks agoReport

      Got ssi disability 4 years ago!

  • 3 weeks ago

    Very unlikely the cost is prohibitive.

    • T3 weeks agoReport

      If person feels he or she has been done unjustly then what?

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