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How to stop getting angry when people call me fat ?

I know I'm fat, but when people call me fat I just get so angry and upset, and embarrassed. Then they rub in my face how thin they are and are like i'm a slob. And they're diamonds. 

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    U m....did it ever occur to you to try and get down to a healthy weight?  If you went on a healthy diet and started losing fat people will encourage you instead of dismissing you.  You get angry and upset because you know they're right.  

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    Start by avoiding those people.  Honestly, where are you that people regularly say nasty things to you?  I can't imagine that this is really a daily, ongoing situation at work or school or in society in general.  IF it is, you need to change where you go and who you hang out with -- and report these people to HR or the principal or whomever.  

    Being angry and embarrassed is a normal response and they are related.  Still, they aren't fun and they aren't productive.  You are currently overweight and you acknowledge that. You still have the ability to choose your response. Even if your immediate reaction is anger, you can take a deep breath and choose to say to yourself, "Well, I'm sure glad I'm not that rude and inconsiderate.  Poor fool." 

    You now need to realize you have the power within yourself to either own your and or change it.  No matter what's happened in your life (emotional eating, lack of education and options, family/cultural traditions around food, trauma, etc.) you can overcome them and move forward.

    Good luck.

  • Linda
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    9 months ago

    Tell them it hurts your feelings and please stop making comments like that. If they continue, see them less unless they stop and respect you.

  • Chris
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    9 months ago

    Ya I'm sure that really happens.

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  • sarah
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    9 months ago

    Just eat them. ;-)

    Lol, okay,'s a serious answer. Simply tell them that you are happy with who you are and that their constant teasing is just a sign that they're the ones with the problems/insecurities and that you'll pray they get those things straightened out.

    And if they continue to get on your nerves...just eat them. :-)

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