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  • Zac Z
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    8 months ago

    I was unfamiliar with Unwind (assuming you mean the novel by Neal Shusterman) but I've recently read The Time Machine which features Morlocks (not "the morlock").

    After having skimmed the summary of the plot I really don't see any connection. Wells' Morlocks are one of two sub-species (the other being the Eloi) into which the human race has divided 800,000 years in the future. At first it seems that the Morlocks have devolved into some kind of semi-animals living underground, working for the Eloi who themselves are a refined but childlike creatures living a carefree life above. Yet, it turns out to be less simple. In fact, the Morlocks do live underground, they do do the "dirty work", the do provide the Eloi with clothes, etc. but in turn they feed on the Eloi. The Eloi effectively are cattle!

    I don't find any parallels in Unwind.

    If the Unwind you have in mind is not the Shusterman novel and "the morlock" is different from Wells' Morlocks then I can't help you.In the future you might want to provide some more details in your question.Β  Β ;-)

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