Why are women hypocrites when it comes to dating?

They talk about how they’d never date a guy shorter or younger than them but if a guy says the same about fat girls he’s a “sexist pig”

They rant about how male on female domestic violence is wrong but more than most women would happily hit a man if provoked 

They go on about how they’re against old fashion gender roles must change apart from when they’re getting free dates, not having to make the first move or have to provide 

They mention how they’d never date a bisexual guy but most girls identity as bisexual or admit to having experimented 


3 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    I'd date any guy i felt comfortable with and had an attraction toward. It's not about shorter or younger (but i have my limits on younger because i'm not a pedophile).

    Any domestic violence is wrong. Do you really think male on female domestic violence is ok? And if a woman hits a man, he can call the police and have her charged with domestic violence. It happens every day. Why people don't keep their hands to themselves, is a mystery to me.

    Free dates? I know, men these days are entitled, Mommy's boys and have to act like women. They've escaped their basic nature as provider and protector. And why would a man go out with a woman and pay for dates if he's not interested?

    Women don't make the first move almost 100% of the time because it's again, BASIC NATURE. We are not programmed to ask men out. It's against the way we are wired.

    And i have been dating the same, bisexual man for eight years. I'm not bisexual and i'd die before i dated a woman. Most girls i know do not identify as bisexual, by the way.

  • 9 months ago

    do you have a big one.....................

  • 9 months ago

    Here's another one: they claim body shaming is wrong then shame a man who's penis isn't huge. (not personally)

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