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My 65 y/o mom angrily denies things I claim she said, even if it’s not incriminating, embarrassing, or dumb. Is that a sign of dementia?

This is very disturbing, because she’ll say “NO! I never said that!” or “Why would I say that?!” Basically, she bites my head off as if I accused her of something incriminating or embarrassing. But what I claim she said is completely harmless and doesn’t undermine her intelligence, but rather compliments how smart she is.  What’s also alarming is that if she does remember saying something, she’ll yell at me for saying she described something as “big” when she actually said “large.”  For example, while were at an Open House for a private school to send me for high school, she was very amazed by how the church looked.  When I reminisced about that Open House and how my mother was amazed at how big the church was, she got all snippy, “I never said it was big!  I said it was beautiful!  You don’t listen!” Yes, I know that “big” is not a synonym for “beautiful.”  But I was just emphasizing how great she said the church looked.  And the fact that she yelled at me over using the wrong (but also positive) adjective, threw me off.  Is she starting to have mild dementia? Her memory loss I understand, but it’s the angry denial that really worries me. I mean, if she doesn’t remember something I claim she said, she has to have the last word!  And she might’ve said “Oh I said that? Okay.” and shrug if she was 40 years old. But at 65 to be in denial and yelling at me, is alarming.  Please help, because I now feel like I’m walking on eggshells when I speak to my mother.

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    Being easily angered is another sign of certain forms of dementia.  

    Do  you have other relatives you can talk to about this.  Maybe compare what you have been seeing to any changes they may have noticed. 

    You could always try to secretly record a few conversations to be able to demonstrate what she is missing or forgetting.  Of course, that could also make her even more angry that you would resort to recording conversations.  

    It may be time to talk with her doctor to be sure that her memory issues are normal for her age or if she is starting to show signs of actual dementia.  There are tests that can be done.  Of course - good luck convincing her that she should get tested.  

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I don't think she has a problem.  You said she said "big."  She didn't.  What part of that confuses you?

    I suspect mild dementia is the reason you keep asking this. Or OCD.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Why do you keep asking this

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