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How do you think the world would react if people suddenly had superpowers?

I’m writing a book and superpowers are going to suddenly appear in the world. How do you think the world would react? 

Would they panic? How hard? Would there be discrimination? How serious? How about religions? 

Stuff like that. Thanks in advance 

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    battle's everywhere !

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    No one -but no one- mentioned the "superpower" so called that Greta Thunberg reckons she has got ; And to overcome her mental disabilities WITH IT (including a known period of MUTISM where she just COULDN'T TALK..) to overcome these

    her not rare medical condition/s And Then GO ON to talk-some-practical-&-acute-OBJECTIVE philosophy- to important leaders of our western environment world...

    I think that she just MAY Have wrote herself into the history books -rightly up there

    with the likes of another great author & activist.. the deaf-blind heroine called Helen

    Keller (who showed the personal Guts & Endeavour needed by everyone who needs

    a voice in support of their own physical or other difficulties..).

    And-by-God if we as concerned peoples DO WAKE UP in time & CUT our INDUSTRIAL & our invaluable USE OF Oil & Gas & Coal & forests & wilderness,

    then & only Then can we WAKE UP & promote the worldwide idea of SMALL FAMILIES...

    in this way we can again surely start to continue rebuilding a brighter & happier

    future without too many people slaving away their lives in work &/or in poverty.

    For like the FAILED massive experiment of VAST peoples & of VAST poor

    peoples we here in Sociology must face these such questions & more - I mean

    such questions as to JUST Why us so-called rich westerners still continue to

    have-to-work sometimes SIX or more days every week (just to earn enough

    to support ourselves Or to earn enough to support a life helping mass culture

    get bigger & bigger YET Hardly BETTER & better (!) ).

    Enough already.

    Thunberg & many others ARE RIGHT ; along with the known science which can

    save both our children's & Our lives.. along with that we should understand now

    in this much-hoped-for 21st century that a new sociological & practical reasonableness is ON The horizon, our horizon. And one that insists that along

    WITH Poverty & its people-driven-strife we CAN Also Learn to be MORE caring..

    MORE sensitive to others like our very-own-neighbours…. to people like ourselves

    AND people unlike ourselves say, of a different-but-good, FRIENDLY Faith/s...

    We need this "environment" I think - its been A Long Time Coming yet there is

    still a LONG Long way-to-go too.

    Safe journey to you.

  • small
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    9 months ago

    Just look at how the world has reacted to the computer-revolution..... that's one kind of superpower added to us by science.

  • Marli
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    Does everyone have all superpowers, or do a select few have all or any of them?  How is it determined who gets what and who gets none? Is it involuntary?  Does God (whatever form of the Deity you choose) distribute them or do they come in a testube or a smart implant?

    What about insects? What if they get powers and humans do not?  Will wisdom and understanding be among them? Will any virtue?What about enhanced vices?What do you consider "superpowers"?

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  • Most of the "super hero" movies made by Marvel and DC deal with this subject (badly).  It's why Batman wanted to kill Superman. Clearly, a different race of humanoids would invoke reactions, positive and negative...you may want to assume that to be true, and deal more with the distinction between a superpower and normal people...for example...many of the avengers were actually human yet were cast in a role of superhuman due to exceptional skill or technology.  In the light of cloning and AI technology, your more likely to have a non-super-human who can kick 200 yard field goals than you are one that can fly autonomously.   For example, how would Hawkeye affect human reactions if he participated in Archery in the Olympics?

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    Ummm, there are several book series and one Amazon Video series (The Boyz) that have that theme, not to mention the X-Men and Heros.  Here are a couple of my favorite book series.

    Reckoner's (Steelheart) by Brandon Sanderson

    Ex-Heroes by Peter Cline (combines sudden superheros with zombies)The Grimnoir Chronicles (Hard Magic) by Larry Correia (kind of steampunk)Asking "the crowd" for ideas suggests that you don't have any decent ideas yourself and can't add anything unique to the genre.  That is a terrible way to write a book.

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    Ramona's answer fairly and wisely notes, in effect, human nature has not so greatly changed from the days (or daze) of Greek and Roman soap operas of the mighty Hercules, et al.

    If a mother gives her children extra sugar, it will typically cause harmful stress and sugar highs; worse if drugs; even worse if the local dictator acquires nuclear or bio-chemical wmd.

    So, with each techno-superpower add-on, such as hypothesized for transhumanism, the technology doth magnify the human, for good or not.   In terms of such force-multiplication, it is likely that a more chastened, civilized society such as early 1950s England would be a better bet for moving from Hobbesian nativism to Lockean Magna Carta, etc.

    So, your novel's choice of society will fairly determine the story arc:  i.e., the more virtuous the group, the more likely reason, good will, and even spirituality will prevail.  If you're looking to have a heroic, overcoming MC, then his or her society may have to be less virtuous, aka have more later 1960s England shtick.

    Related:  "Save the Cat! Writes a Novel;"

    "Creation:  Artistic and Spiritual;"

    "The Soulless One;"

    "Our Final Invention."

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    Every day would be like a Marvel movie, but without spectactors. The existing problems wouldn't go away; they would just get more violent.

  • Speed
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    9 months ago

    This has been the premise of several books already, although of course yours will be different from each of those.

    The most common scenario might play out like this: First Mike realizes he can, say, cause storm clouds to assemble and rain torrents where he directs them. (Or any other superpower you care to give him. Maybe he can detect lies, or knows where diamonds are, whatever you choose for him.) He plays with it, confirms that he's doing it, then shares it with someone he trusts. He demonstrates his power to convince them. He's observed, and the bystander blabs, causing two things to happen. One, the local news covers it, and two, scientists want to study it. Once it's out in the world, but before the scientists have gotten very far, the government steps in and in essence kidnaps poor Mike, so they can use him as a tool and more importantly, a weapon.

    How society would react is fairly predictable. Depending on what his power is, there could be panic, since he could cause harm. Or demands that he use it for good. People who want to befriend him, people who shun him, religious leaders who welcome him, others who claim he's a demon. Nobody will be able to treat him the way they would have before his superpower became known.

    cf. Firestarter, The Fury, et al

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    I intuit the immediate response of every individual in the world is ecstasy! The response would modify eventually when people deal with the repercussions of both the self and others.

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