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How is Chiropracty fake?

I've heard and seen so many things about oh chiropractors are fake and how you shouldn't go to them. But sometimes my back hurts so badly and im so stiff i cant sleep, i go and pay 20 bucks to a nice man who breaks my bones for like 10 minutes, and problem solved for at least like 2 months.

I was in a car accident, i dont/cant pay 1000s of dollars to a hospital to permanently fix me. Chiropractors help me and others who go to them with similar problems. So how is that fake when they help in very real ways?

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  • 8 months ago

    you might try one of them,manipulation of the spine top to bottom might help,,an item you also might consider,,dairy,,when it is eliminated,joint problems often disappear,,,common  foods,perhaps a legume type of nut,,protein source may affect lower back problems via foods producing antigen,,which cause synovial capsules to lose water,imbalance then causes friction betw connecting bone,thus triggering pain nerves,,common  foods also can cause bladder & kidney infections,mainstream medicine usually gives you a prescrip for an antibiotic, which they change to another one when the first does nothing,msm like the news of that title,are stupid.or merely ignorant,and cannot be bothered to try something else besides the next cooty killer on the menu of options.

  • 8 months ago

    It's "Chiro Cracky". And if you think it helps, why are you questioning it?  Most Chiro-crackers are charlatans and only want your money, but it looks like your cracker is some what honest.

  • Gary K
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    8 months ago

    Proper chiropractic (or straight chiropractic) is indeed fake.  It has it's basis in pseudoscientific principles, including the root cause of all illness is "subluxations" or nerve interference, in the spine. Manipulating the spine to remove the nerve interference allows an "innate intelligence" or magic life force to restore health.  These chiropractors reject germ theory of disease. 

    The only decent evidence of efficacy of chiropractic is temporary relief for some cases of lower back pain. But at that point they are basically doing physiotherapy, as opposed to chiropractic treatment.

    You could keep on going back to the chiropractor for the rest of your life, and risk the condition getting worse, or you could see an actual physiotherapist or musculoskeletal doctor, and get treatment from properly qualified professionals. 


  • 8 months ago

    It depends on which chiropractic practices and theories you are referring to.  The original theories developed by Palmer are a bunch of goofy nonsense about energy flowing from the top of the head, down the spine, and throughout the body.  Palmer believed that virtually all illnesses can be cured by restoring the energy flow blocked by spinal subluxations.  

    Some chiropractic schools of thought are based on rational scientific principles of spine health and neurological and muscle  problems associated with the spine.  Other schools are a mixture of mystical beliefs and actual medical stuff. As it turns out, Palmer's ideas do in fact work for nerve impulses, but not for the reasons Palmer believed.   So, chiropractic adjustments are real and effective treatments for some spinal-related problems, but adjustments are only a temporary fix.  To fix a spinal problem permanently requires other treatments such as stretching or strengthening muscles, changing habits that injure the spine, wearing orthotics in the shoes, or in some cases surgery. 

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    its not fake but many think it is dangerous to manipulate the spine.

  • Marc
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    9 months ago

    First of all its chiropractic. No such thing as chiropracty fyi.

    It is not fake. The people who say it is fake have no idea what they ar talking about. They are giving you their opinion. Just like if I didnt like chocolate ice cream I can say I dont like it and it tastes bad, these have an OPINION about chiropractic care.

    The literature is copious in demonstrating the effectiveness of chiro care for musculoskeletal conditions that you describle. Just the other day Yale medical school released an article that demonstrated chiro care is effective in treating back pain and is even helping fight the opiod crisis. There will always be people who hate for the sake of hating. Ignore them. If it works for you and gets you well and keeps you off of drugs then go for it

  • Magma
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    9 months ago

    It's a very temporary, quick fix. An old friend of mine is a chiropractor and she has even said it is a gimmick. But people are stupid and throw money away. Go to a physiotherapist, they will root out the cause and help you fix it, not just mask the problem and ask you to come back for another appointment.

  • 9 months ago

    I would not say it is fake, But I found the pricing for things done, are questionable. Example I had a rotator cup, tear and a pinched nerve. But my insurance wanted me to have physical therapy, for another 6 weeks, before I could have an MRI. So I got ultra sound 10 mins, $35 a vibrating machine for 5 mins, $25. This was on top of my visit charge of $55. For that $55 I got an adjustment and a 5 min neck pulling massage. So each visit cost $115. Except the 1st visit, which cost $170.

  • mokrie
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    9 months ago

    They are NOT fake but why would doctors want you to go somewhere cheaper when they can make big bucks and just give you drugs to mask the problem while it gets worse? Chiropractors DO fix problems with the spine where doctors want to operate on you and can make it worse.

  • 9 months ago

    That belief comes from the way the medical profession viewed chiropractors forty years ago. That view has changed completely.

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