Is it hard to make E-5 under 4 in the Air Force? How many out of 50 would you say do? In my day I'd say two out of 50.?

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  • 1 year ago
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    today-- since 40% of E-4's make E-5 each promotion cycle

    its not very hard, atleast to earn the promotion while under 4 years

    with only one promotion cycle per year, only those who enlisted as an E-3 or made E-4 BTZ would actually have a chance to be sew the rank on in under 4 years

    In my time, it was 42 months to go fro E-3 to E-4-- that was before they changed it to 36 months-- but even then, I earned E-5 before I separated, just didn't have my line number called before I left.

  • 88
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    1 year ago

    Made it with BTZ and came in E-3 w/college credits.  Tested first eligible cycle.  Made it under four.  Remember, the most important thing is taking care of the people.

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  • Daniel
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    1 year ago

    Not really.  Given that promotion rates to staff in recent years have been close to 50%, a pretty good number should be able to make it first time testing.  Anyone that can't make it in 5 or 6 right now is doing something wrong.  

  • Rick
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    1 year ago

    in the Air Force, yes, but I made E-5 in a year in the Army ...............

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