What are some good gloves for a bike rider under 1300 INR?

I am planning to buy a pair of gloves for my rider friend. He doesnt do bike sports or extremely dangerous riding, but frequently goes on trips in a 100 km range. I tried to buy rynox recon gloves but they are out of stock. Suggest some other good brands under rupees 1300? And also are the scoyco gloves any good?

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    1 year ago
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    Look for tactical gloves at an Army surplus store. $17 with tax. Had knuckles, cotton, so, so washable. Beats $29-$75  for a name brand that might be partially leather and harder to fix on the road. 

    $10 buys some thick padded winter gloves at WalMart. 

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    1 year ago

    Buying motorcycle gloves for someone else is a difficult choice.  

    I am very picky on fit, protection, and materials.

    If you experience cold weather at your location I would go with a pair of silk liners for cold weather extension of  comfort in temperatures  reduced by 10F.   There are 'rag silk' glove liners, they look like crap are cheap.  (the wife unfortunately throws them away because they look like crap!)  .. But they feel  deliciously warm! 

    The fine weave of silk traps a great amount of small air pockets next to the skin and need an outer layer glove to trap warm air next to the skin. 

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    1 year ago

    Give him the money and let him buy them himself.  Gloves are a personal thing. And different size hands fit different gloves.  

    You can't buy him shoes for the same reason. Everyone's foot is different.  Some people have allergies to certain glove material.

    He may want the gloves DARTH VADER wears...or the gloves Michael Jackson wore(he is your friend)

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    In my 20 years riding, the best gloves I had was a pair of leather White Mule garden gloves. Cheap, tough and OK for cold.

  • Anton
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    1 year ago

    1300 INR = 18.18 USD.  I don't know the market in India.

    I do not do "sports" and in 55 years on motorcycles I have never crashed.  I went with deerskin gloves.

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    1 year ago

    Consider something like First Gear brand mesh gloves for riding in hot weather, and deerskin leather for cooler weather.  Deerskin, elk skin, and goat skin last for years and have good abrasion resistance but can be expensive.

    I've had good luck with trucker driving gloves from truck stop type stores. 

    A good and thoughtful gift, something a rider always needs and appreciates.

  • 1 year ago

    Churchill Gloves in the USA makes wonderfully soft deerskin motorcycle gloves. No idea about shipping costs and the conversion rate, though.

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