I really like this guy, but I don’t think I’m over my ex?

So a few a months ago, my ex and I broke up, we dated for over 2 years and turns out he cheated on me so we broke up. I don’t think I am completely over him, but recently a previous one of my exes has started talking to me, I dated this guy back in high school and we just seem to still have the spark we used to, I had broke up with him because I moved to another city. I’ve been talking to him everyday and have feelings for him, but now I’m unsure about what to do. I’m scared to commit to him because I don’t want to hurt him, but at the same time I do want to be with him. What would you guys do or recommend? 

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  • 1 year ago
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    You don't have to "commit" to this old high school boyfriend. Why not just do some casual dating, and see how that goes? I'm not sure why a person would suddenly decide to commit to a person they haven't seen in ages, anyway? Just because you'd go out on a few dates, it doesn't mean you're still compatible or that he's not hugeJackass. And going out together from time to time doesn't mean you're "in a relationship".

    And you can make it clear that for now, you're only interested in casually dating.

  • 1 year ago

    You don't have to make a big commitment to just see him do you?

  • 1 year ago

    Carry on talking to him. You've only been single from a 2 yr relationship for 4 weeks so it's really early days and this could be a rebound situation. If you explain that to this second guy, at least you'll be on the same page together. You are upset naturally because you were cheated on by someone you trusted and if this new guy is a nice chap he will understand that you don't want to get into anything too deep or too quickly because it's going to take quite a few months of no contact with Mr.Cheater for you to totally put him behind you where he belongs, in history. You don't HAVE to commit to anyone. If he's a nice guy he'll be willing to wait until you are ready to do more than have the odd date and lots of conversation. Take your time. If he's worth it he'll wait. If he's not, he'll disappear.

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