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How do I get Yahoo to stop randomly locking me out of some of my accounts?

I'm leaving this website after 7 years because I get my accounts up to about level 5 and then I am locked out. I am suddenly having to make new accounts and so I am done. This has gone on for a year or two.

It will suddenly say "user name not recognized" or something like that. No violations of TOS, just random glitch locks me out of my account.

Is there a way to fix this so I can still use Yahoo Answers which I have come to like or should I accept the site is gone? Is there a way to appeal or request it not be taken from me?


I am on these accounts daily so it is not due to inactivity or anything and seldom are answers or questions reported and when they are it is no apparent reason (maybe once or twice a month one disappears). 

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    Get a gmail account. It is much more reliable.

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    Abusing YA doesn't get a user locked out of their Yahoo account UNLESS the abuse was serious (and it can be abuse of any Yahoo feature, not just Yahoo Answers). If your YA account is suspended, that doesn't stop you from logging into your Yahoo account, using Yahoo Mail, or using any other Yahoo feature (and you can read posts on YA but not post yourself or TD/TU or report other posts). 


    Your issue is a Yahoo issue, not Yahoo Answers specific. You can contact Yahoo Customer Care via their Facebook page of the same name (they also have Messenger on that page) and perhaps if you provide a link to a locked out account of yours, they will unlock it or explain why it's been locked. It's worth a try.

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    10 months ago

    you are lucky I had a new account for 3 days and it just disappeared

    I could not Log in to appeal because yahoo said the email address does not exist yet it worked for 3 days

  • You do it by stopping posting the same Christmas questions over and over again.  You troll this site and then after Christmas, you try to convince other users here you are dead.  Only to come back two months later and say you were only kidding.   Your account can not be banned but they can be suspended.  

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  • LAN
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    10 months ago

    Then stop being an idiot that constantly violates the posting rules here.   You obviously keep doing the same moronic things over and over or you wouldn't keep losing accounts.  This is further backed up by the way you post anonymous rants crying about how picked on you are.   The fact that you admit to abusing multiple accounts only backs up my opinion.

    If you are going to leave then do it and stop boring use with this childish little pity party.   You caused your own problems.   Feel free to prove me wrong by opening up your history including all the idiocy you post anonymously to prove me wrong.   So far not one of you cowards ever takes me up on that challenge.

  • Sharon
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    10 months ago

    This is how to recover your account if you have password/sign in problems:

  • Daniel
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    10 months ago

    How often are you on your Accounts ? Yahoo Deletes Accounts that are Inactive for a long Period of time that could be why there being Removed there is no way you can stop that

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