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Should male students be suspended If the condom slips if during sex and they put a new one on.?

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    Condoms can break and can come off during sex.  No reasonable jury would ever consider a condom breaking or coming off during sex to be rape, which is of course precisely why such consensual sex cases are handled by colleges like Yale instead of in a court of law:  It allows colleges to proclaim guilt and punish accused students when no court of law ever would.  This is largely a result of feminist pressure on colleges and on the Department of Education under Title IX.

    What your link doesn't mention is that this student has since sued Yale for being wrongly expelled and he's not the first.  At least four other students have also sued for being wrongfully expelled and in at least one case Yale settled after unsuccessfully trying to block the case. (1)

    I read recently that at least 1/4 of all such college expulsions now result in a lawsuit against the college which doesn't speak well for how colleges handle these claims.  There will probably be many more such lawsuits now that a judge has ruled even private institutions need or provide due process (1)  Sadly, I think it will take many, many more such lawsuits before colleges stop "adjudicating" alleged sexual assaults internally and leave such matters to our judicial system where they belong.  Colleges should be hearing cases of academic dishonesty, not felony crimes.

    There are some online resources such as Save Our Sons and FIRE which report on colleges that deny accused students proper due process.   Prospective male students should consider how colleges treat accused males and consider this in their college selection process.  1.

  • John
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    Is Yale pre seventeen hundred or was that only Harvard.

    Your question is irrelevant. The college/university has a right to questions student behaviour.

    A Yale degree means quite a bit.

    The student has a right to question how he's treated.

    Both have a right to treat each other fairly.

    We, the outsider, can look in because its public but we really only have rights in listening not picking sides or cheering unless we honestly feel dishonesty inside the proceedings.

    Then we have recourse if we can prove our suspicions.

    Bring back dueling.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Colleges are institutions of learning, not judicial institutions and  should not be determining whether or not rapes or other felony crimes were committed.  That should be left to law enforcement and our criminal justice system. 

    Colleges should certainly be able to expel students who are convicted of a felony crime and pose a threat, but they do not have the judicial authority to determine whether or not a felony crime has been committed.   

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    First, the issue wasn't that John's condom slipped off. The issue is that John fully admits that he knew it slipped off and that Ann had given him conditional consent "I will have sex with you IF you use a condom" then rather than masturbate it off or put a new one on, he ejaculates inside Ann then put a new one on and continued having sex.

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    8 months ago

    No! Next question 

  • Anonymous
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    TBH, I fail to understand why colleges wanna regulate kid's sex lives now.  Two people made a decision that night.  Sounds like it was a bad one but, as a college administrator, that's really none of my business so don't drag me into it.  I'll let them duke it out amongst themselves.

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    8 months ago

    Come on. Condoms don't just "slip" off. How tiny is this guy's penis, if condoms are too loose to stay on him?

    If that's his story, he's probably lying his butt off. Who does he think he's fooling?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    "The condom slipped" -- sure pal. Why does everyone take the ridiculous things MEN say seriously?

  • Bill
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    8 months ago

    "He argues that the Ivy League school should have updated its sexual-misconduct procedures after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos* rescinded the Obama administration’s guidance on the subject in fall 2017. "

    It should be noted that Betsy effectively no longer enforces the law on colleges and yet Yale and other liberal universities are still acting like the law is enforced. 

    Anyway, the standard of "she froze and you should have known" is to consider it rape when a man doesn't successfully read the mind of the woman. To expect men to read the mind of women is not a reasonable standard of rape and Yale should be ashamed of themselves for even suggesting it. 

    I also seriously doubt there is any evidence that the condom actually fell off or that she didn't consent after which point.

    Frankly, Obama should be sued directly for Title IX by every man affected by it. To force colleges to effectively be law enforcement is not only unconstitutional gibberish, but has led to discrimination against men in favor of women and resulted in innocent men being robbed of their chance of a college education.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Men are funny. Why buy the big size?

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