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Give me an example of when you've seen karma doing its job?

I told you people many times that people who believe in karma are just crazy naive, i've seen many times people getting away with bad things... but lots of you keep telling me that karma exists so please give me exapmples.

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    I knew someone who lied about rape and got found out.

    She was stringing 2 guys along with the magic phrase "I want to be a virgin when I married" She also told people at work so they believed everything she said.

    The people at work gave me a hard time because they believed her and thought she was just waiting because when we went out she'd be pregnant  and settle into a married lifestyle but she enjoyed causing me grief.

    The whole time she was planning on sleeping with someone before she got married, I figured it out after 2 years of being strung along and walked away from her cos I knew it was gonna go bad.

    She went and had a 1 night stand with a stranger who turned out to be the worst choice she could make, the crazy ***** only did anal cos she thought that meant she was still a virgin!!!! And... She got pregnant. That's Karma No.1

    Because she lied to everyone at work and they knew she treated me like **** she told everyone that she was RAPED and that she only met up with her rapist because she was so upset that I left... And tried to blame ME.

    Here's Karma No. 2. I left her cos I knew what was going to happen and when she tried to humiliate me years later I told everyone who the person was that she slept with and by that time you could see the resemblance of the child, and everyone knew she'd lied and tried to blame me.

    Karma No.3 She turned out to be Identical twins who were swapping places and she was telling our workplace the "Virgin" story while going into another workplace and sleeping with EVERYONE.

    Karma No.4 One of the twins also turned out to be a psychopath and was trying to wreck every relationship and girl I tried with and went round everyone I knew to tell them lies to try and put me in prison or mental ward. But she was committed once found to be a psycho.

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