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My boyfriend offended a woman out of stress and had to fight with her brother. I still can't blame him although he was wrong. What would?

You think if you were in my shoes?

my boyfriend is usually a very kind and respectful guy but when he sees injustices he just gets mad ans can't stop his mouth.

The other day we were at the port because my boyfriend's mom passed away and we had to attend the funeral. He was clearly destroyed and tired from work, depression and lack of sleep. There was a woman in the reception screaming during the night. We were on the deck and it was cold and freezing because of the air cconditioning still running. She was a singer quite known in our country. We woke up because of her screaming. My boyfriend couldn't help but get up. I followed him. The woman was in her 30s, many suitcases, perfect hair clothes and make up. She was complaining because she was not satisfied with the service of her 1000$ cabin and argued badly with the clerks. My boyfriend got mad, went closer to her and told her to stop because there were people who were trying to sleep on the deck passage but she said 'who are you to talk to me like that?' And he said 'who am I talking to? To someone who'd rather like spend money on a cabin and surgery for lips and cheekbones rather than helping you fellow countrypeople devasted from the earthquake'. Then her brother heard him and insulted him then was trying to punch my boyfriend in the face I was about to hold the guy and went between them but my boyfriend told me to stay away and pushed the guy and they started a fight the ship's personal divided them 

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    I'd think I'd better get my boyfriend into some grief counseling before he permanently damages the rest of his life. I might also remind him that in most places verbally assaulting a celebrity is likely to end in a beatdown of some kind (as these people tend to travel with security).

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