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Why do you rarely see loud, obnoxious, lazy people living in expensive neighborhoods?

Is it because in order to have the financial capabilities to be successful and live in a nice neighborhood, it requires a particular set of character traits, such as high intelligence, work ethic, and manners? You never see a hippie guy who smokes weed all day and works at McDonalds and dropped out of high school living in a million dollar house/neighborhood. Everyone who lives in nice neighborhoods are usually all the same "type" of people. Professionals, nice, educated, decent looking, well groomed, goal driven, family oriented.


Basically, does our personality we develop as we grow up and the decisions we make determine our socioeconomic status in the end?

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    People achieve in life based upon their individual character.  It's not intelligence, it's honesty, responsibility, integrity, and self-control.  Those who exercise good character and make the effort to develop their individual knowledge, skills, and abilities end up living better than those who are dishonest, irresponsible, drug/alcohol abusers, and make no effort to develop as humans.  Attaining wealth is possible in a Capitalistic society, but it takes effort.  The good news is that you can skate by working at a non-skilled job, but you will not live with the quality of life that people with character live.

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    Because they are classy

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    I'm obnoxious and lazy. I live in a very wealthy neighborhood and smoke weed all day. I got straight A's in high school too, I just didn't want to go to college. I'm unemployed and I never go out, also in part because my house is so nice and I don't want to leave. I sell stuff online to make money, and most people (if they were to see me out of the house) would look at me and think I'm poor. Everyone is different. 

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    Hippies in million-dollar neighborhoods

    don`t work in any McDonalds. They think it to be unethical

     is  the given reason. 

    People re-invent themselves actually.   

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    I guess that Trump is in the minority there. May that also be true in the next election - - if he lasts that long.

  • firstly, you can find loud and obnoxious people in any class creed country etc.

    also being intelligent and hard working isn't pledged to get you success in an expensive neighbourhood however being born into wealth and status most likely will. 70% of wealthy people have inherited their wealth. meritocracy is a myth.

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    having class and common courtesy as well as being moral and civilized are traits of successful people, yes ..

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