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Why don’t non feminist women hate men the way feminist women do?

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    Indoctrination. Feminist brainwashing.

  • Nom
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    feminist resent men but everything a feminist does? feminist hold to the male standard the highest compliment to a feminist is they did something just like a man. not like a legendary woman, feminist role models are men not women. non feminist women dont care about some non existent war between men and women their role models are legendary women..............feminist want to join the marines because men do it then cant do 3 pull ups, non feminist women in planet fitness who want to do pull ups for strength but not because men do it, do them with no problem.

  • Foofa
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    Not all feminists hate men of course. But it's easier to see that not all men are bad when you've got good men in your life. Most of us have fathers, brothers, partners or sons whom we love dearly. So when you find a fringe weirdo who says "men suck", it's likely someone who doesn't have males in their life at all (or has happened upon the "bad" that exists in every group).

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    That's backwards. Actually, a psychological study found the opposite, that feminists have a lower level of hostility toward men than nonfeminists.

    Perhaps one reason why may be that feminists would be more likely to believe that men can reject toxic gender roles, and to reject notions that toxic behavior is in men's nature.

    Source(s): K. Anderson, M. Kanner, & N. Elsayegh, "Are Feminists Man Haters? Feminists' and Nonfeminists' Attitudes Towards Men", _Psychology of Women Quarterly_, 33 (2009), 216-224
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  • 8 months ago

    "Why don’t non feminist women hate men the way feminist women do?"

    Because feminist ideology makes some pretty hate-worthy assumptions about men.  That men have conspired together for all of eternity to keep women down, that all men are rapists just waiting for the opportunity, that men have some sort of "power" that is denied to women, that men have "male privilege" in an equal society and so on. 

    Even *I* as a male would hate other men if any of that was true.  Feminists believe it to be true as an adherence to their ideology.  Non feminists do NOT believe in that rubbish and therefore have no reason to hate men as a group, just because they are men the way feminists do.


  • Burgoo
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    8 months ago

    who says they don't

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