what is the new age movement all about?

someone said on youtube earlier ' i don't mean to get all new age on you here' and it drew my attentions to the new age movement, what is it all about?

i happen to be a roman catholic from britain and i have never come across anyone who is 'new age'.

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  • 8 months ago
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    Yes you have, you just didn't know they were 'new age' at the time.  Have you ever met anyone who believes in more than one religious faith, or anyone who doesn't belong to any one religion but agrees with parts of most of them?  Then you've come across a new ager.

    New age isn't a movement per se, it's a very vague religious / spiritual / hippie philosophy.  Here's how the 'new age movement' came into existence, in a very (very) brief summary.  A bunch of people got together to find the one true universal truth, and they decided to visit and study as many religions, cults, philosophies and anything else they could find.  

    They ended up picking little bits and pieces that they liked out of each one, mashing them all together, and calling it their very own brand new belief.  In fairness, they're not the first religion to do that very thing.

    And for some reason, they decided that it was all word-for-word literal.  The mythical 'third eye' isn't a metaphor for the understanding of inner consciousness, it's an actual eyeball in the middle of your forehead.  The 'astral plane' isn't a level of understanding of how the mind and spirit work together, it's an actual place where everyone leaves their physical bodies and walks around as an invisible spirit.

    If you're starting to draw a connection between new-age spiritualism and those guys who wear tinfoil helmets to keep 'the guberment' from reading their minds, and if you're thinking of middle-aged divorced ladies who live with a few too many cats, you're starting to understand how this stuff really works.

  • 8 months ago

    New Age was right after the hippie era, around 1980 when it got full blown in the USA. Candles, crystals, books, tarot, incense, etc. is all sold in New Age shops. They're pretty well disappearing in the past decade now.

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