What Is The Difference Between Being Conscious of Something and the Nature of that Consciousness?

Consider ten replicas. All of them are programmed to think, feel, and experience the same things: their consciousnesses are identical. Say that I am one of the replicas: Replica A. This means that I am conscious of Replica A and not Replica B. Paradoxically, this means that the replicas aren't identical: me being conscious of Replica A but not Replica B is a difference. Yet the conscious experiences of Replica A and Replica B remain exactly the same. There are no differences between them. Is this a paradox?


It is similar, I think, to stating that anyone could have been Brett Abrahamsen with equal results. Of course, however, if someone else became BA, even if this wouldn't change BA at all, it would still feel like death to me 

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  • martin
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    8 months ago

    There are degrees of concentration. The human mind rarely concentrates solely on one thing. People have a lot on their minds in the business world, for example. But to solve problems, thinkers need quiet time alone in order to concentrate fully.

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