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Internet block-what to do?!(Iran)?

Hi as you know in Iran protests are forming due to poverty, almost no-freedom, dictatorship......(I can go on like for ever:/ )

The government is planning to isolate Internet soon!(they already blocked everything and we use vpn but now they just want to disconnect from the whole world)  So please tell me a way to bypass it ,i heard something about static-ip

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    That would depend on how they are going to isolate the internet, and how you (and your country) connects to the internet.

    If there are only a couple of landlines (or sea cables) connecting your country to the rest of the world, there's nothing you can do to keep your government from simply shutting down those routers.

    Circumventing such a shutdown isn't easy - you could try the good old-fashioned phone lines, if those are still open, or a satellite connection (expensive, and not exactly inconspisious).

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