What are your thoughts on Art at school?

In my school,  we have the subject Art in school where we are forced to draw or create "Art". The problem is, that it's even a must to take the class! I find it so ridiculous that you get graded on something so useless (if you want to do something not associated with art). The problem with German schools is, that they will make you restart the whole year if you have even ONE E or F on your side-subjects (Art, Biology, Physics, PE, Religion). I always was bad in school, it overwhelmed me incredibly (German schools don't allow humor) but this will make me restart my whole year. It's also such a expensive subject! First of all, you need to buy: Set of colored pencils (8€) Set of felt-tip markers (15€) Another set of some stuft I dont knoe the name of(10€) Glue (2€) scissors (3€) Very Large Block (8€) Block (5€) Water-colours (8€) Ruler (2€). This add up to a total of 71€ which might not seem that much but considering that im an Immigrant from Greece with no money half the time, I'd rather spend it on Chemistry Equipment which am actually gonna use instead of some retarded Art project that I DIDN'T even sign up on and will FAIL no matter what.

My question to you, Who is in the wrong here? Me or Them?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago
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    I felt the exact same way when I was in school. I never understood why art or PE were mandatory. Art is for personal expression and when it's forced in a school environment I feel like it takes away everything that art stands for. When every kid has to do the same cookie cutter project and you're literally graded on how "well" you created the art, that isn't art. It's unfortunate that you have to spend so much money on it as well. While art was required at my school it was always free of cost. I really do sympathize with your situation. I live in America and I hated having to run dozens of laps at school for PE. The United States forces public school children to do a certain amount of exercise due to the obesity epidemic. Well PE always made me too tired for my sport after school. Something I actually cared about and loved, I would be too tired for due to a silly quota. My point is, the system is unfair. Neither you nor them are "wrong", it's just two very different outlooks. I feel your pain. You'll be out of school before you know it, and you won't miss it! :-)

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    My school made you drop Art if you did other subjects like Latin. As I wanted to be a designer I had to take the exam at the last minute with no real preparation. I would have had more of an issue having to do 'religion'

  • Kieth
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    8 months ago

    So? Express your disdain for rules through art.

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