Does Daisy Ridley have privilege even though she is an ethnic celtic person? Only Germanic people have privilege.?

Daisy Ridley said that she does not have any privilege and I agree since ethnic celtic people do not have any privilege. Ethnic Germanic people see celtic people as dirtbags even if that celtic person has high status and fame or large wealth. 

1 Answer

  • 8 months ago

    Celtic identity has been invented quite recently and although there are cultural and genetic waves passing through the areas associated with the Celts, we don't really constitute an ethnicity. Clearly the Celtic languages are related to each other, forming two groups rather than one, and there's a linguistic continuum passing through Scotland and Ireland interrupted by Germanic language speakers, but the main genetic division in these isles is between Orcadians and the rest of us. But of course we are all of mixed Germanic and "Celtic" extraction.

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