What are CULTURAL MARXISM and THE ALT - LEFT and why is it pertinent to GENDER STUDIES...?

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  • 8 months ago
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    "What are CULTURAL MARXISM and THE ALT - LEFT and why is it pertinent to GENDER STUDIES...?"

    Cultural Marxism is the agenda to change Western society through revolutions in culture as opposed to revolutionary war.  The alt-Left is the new leftism that has been created or morphed from other groups, in order to push cultural Marxism.  

    This is all pertinent to gender studies because we often discuss feminism.  Feminism has beed absorbed into cultural Marxism as it became more radical and gender divisive because it was the perfect divide and conquer for the sexes.  Other alt-left groups take care of dividing the races.  Still others concentrate on the gender aspect or the sexual preference aspect and so on.

    As more and more time passes, we can see that each or any these groups all support the SAME cultural Marxist agenda.  This is why today, feminism is not that simple advocacy of women as Classic Feminism was.  Today feminists are only feminists if they are pro-abortion, and pro Democrat and believe that gender is socially constructed.  They must be promoters of "diversity" and multiculturalism as well as the entire LGBT agenda, pro immigrant, pro globalist, and much more.

    One strange thing about the alt-left and cultural Marxism, is how many persons that identify with much the left are quick to denounce any of these terms, often claiming that cultural Marxism is fake, or a conspiracy theory.  They think that if they deny the name or term of the movement, then the movement somehow doesn't exist.  


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    8 months ago

    Cultural Marxism is a snarl word that means the person using it is a right wing individual with no knowledge of history and how they are recycling Nazi terminology. It belongs in a political debate and not in Gender studies. 

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