I prevented a rape. Should I be proud or cautious about who I tell? ?

So a little context to this, this was back in April of 2018. I was 18 at the time, now 20, and the young girl I saved from being raped was 15 at the time, now 17. We've actually remained in contact since that and become very good friends. So after I prevented the rape, I had to go through several police interviews etc, giving my account of what happened. Many of these interviews were over the phone as I was at college at the time and worked a full time job too. Naturally my brother knew about this as we went to the same college, worked the same job and shared a car, so I had to tell him from the very start. Anyway, other than my brother, I chose to keep the fact that I'd prevented a rape to myself and asked him to do the same. My mum didn't find out for about 6 months, and to this day I've never told anyone else, though I'm certain she's told a few people. The reason I never told anyone was because I was worried how people would see me or if they'd treat me differently. Especially as I was 18 and had kept in contact with the 15 year old girl. I was worried that I'd be branded a creep or something rather than a hero. My brother says he wouldn't have kept it to himself if he were in my position, but every time I try and explain, he just doesn't understand. He'd want the glory basically, whereas I didn't want to be in the limelight. So my question, do you think I should be proud of what I've done and happily tell people, or should I still be cautious about telling people? 


The way in which we stayed in contact was through the police. Her parents requested to meet me to say thanks and invited me for dinner. They knew the police would have checked my background etc, so were fine with me staying in contact. Unfortunately though there's not a very happy ending to the story, the attempted rapist got off due to insufficient evidence. This all happened in Britain btw. If anyone else has prevented a rape, I'd love to hear what you did, whether you told people or not

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    Meet the parents and be humble.

    Pride is a terrible thing.

    You did good.


    Let others tell about your good deed.  If someone asks, tell the truth.

    Let them come to you.

  • Foofa
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    8 months ago

    Unless you live amongst a bunch of rapists you probably shouldn't feel the need to keep this episode so private.

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