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Is it bad that she is this cautious?

A while ago I met a woman who seemed really self confident and happy with herself. She was about 32 years old, about 8 years older than me, but she looked a lot younger. It became almost impossible to get to know her more, firstly because she was stressed and obsessed with her job. Then when it came to trying to talk to me, she was unusually nervous and unsure. The majority of women same age as her are also confident when it comes to dating, also introverts in my experience. 

I don't see her anymore and have not got a way to reach out to her, because she moved without really telling me. She did not move far but in this situation she has a better chance of reaching out to me. She knows where I hang out and according to her friends she still likes me. She is still too nervous and cautious to try. I think she would feel better if she tried, because then she would find out if there is a future for us or not. Considering her age, is it bad that she is this cautious?


She is most likely aware that I am also interested in her and also aware of how her behavior keeps us separated.

Update 2:

@WinterRose Don't know if you read updates or not, but I like her because we seemed to have a lot in common and got along really great. Her friends have been trying to help us get together, but she is extremely shy and nervous when it comes to meeting people she likes.

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    You're 24 years old, so why are you attracted to her in the first place?  There are so many young women out there looking for a guy like you, who is caring and understanding.  I  wouldn't pursue this woman in her thirties, as she has deliberately moved away from you and has not even had the courtesy to give you her new address.  That should be enough evidence to alert you to the fact she has moved on from you!   Why would you wish to tip toe around her for the rest of your Life when there are so many other women searching for a good, decent man for a husband? Please rethink your priorities. 

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    I would say forget about her.

    There are many women still available.

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    She is not interested and probably not shy. Maybe the ones that told you she likes you, were exaggerating. 

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    maybe you know, maybe not, but it's the girl who picks the guy, she knows how you feel !

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