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In the event a LEO is shot and on the ground bleeding. What would happen if you’re a civilian who caters to his Aid when backup arrives?

I’ve always wondered this. I’ve seen videos of police officers/sheriff officers partaking in routine traffic stops that go south extremely fast with civilians present. In the event an officer is shot and goes down and the suspect flees and you cater to his aid to stop bleeding or try to help in anyway. What happens when backup officers arrive? Being a good person I would try and help him in anyway possible but I know the anxiety flowing through other officers and not knowing who shot him/her when they arrive they’d probably draw their guns on me and detain me. But what happens after that? Would I be arrested if the officer is unconscious and can’t let them know I had nothing to do with the shooting? I’m currently in the process of getting into policing myself I passed my state aid LEE and have pre employment processing going on for me to go on a list. So I have basic knowledge of obviously complying with getting on my hands and stomach for them to cuff me for their safety. But would I be taken into processing and would that go on my record as an arrest? Thanks for the answers! 

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    There is NO official answer. As a rule, providing medial aid will at least get a 'thank you'.

    Note: If you are providing treatment, and there isn't a gun around, it is unlikely they would believe you shot the officer.

    If you have to ask this, you DID NOT pass any law enforcement screening.

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