How do I address my boyfriend being irresponsible?

My boyfriend bailed his mother out of jail where Her bond was 2500 and that liquidated his newly established savings after recent hardship. As a result, his money is tight. Thankfully, he has a new moving business so he makes a couple hundred dollars at the minimum daily. This morning, he asked me to zelle him $20 for lunch and he’ll just send it back after his moving job is over for the day, but there’s pasta we cooked two days ago. When I asked him why would he leave the house with little to no money for lunch, but didn’t take the pasta for lunch as a means of preserving the few dollars he only had, he told me his bank charged him $160 for some random UberEats purchases and the bank hadn’t put it back. I’m not a woman to enable a man. He is likely one of the more responsible guys I do know at our age 24, but I feel that by sending him money enables his irresponsibility which I don’t think he has room for considering his money is already low, plus as a man he should practice better money-management. However, I would like some help with communicating that while I wouldn’t want him to go hungry, he also had to understand I am not the type of woman to enable goofy acts like that with money 

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  • 8 months ago

    I'd bail my mom out of jail too. Even if it did swallow my "savings". I see nothing irresponsible about that unless it's a known fact she's going to jump bail and disappear like all the other times. No clue how you can refuse to spot your live-in boyfriend $20 for a few hours if you can spare it either. Unless you know he's going to gamble with it.

    I've been very poor, very young, not poor, not young, poor again, never young again, not poor again..... I don't get your stance on this. Next time, cook less pasta. Make smaller meals and the leftovers won't be an issue.

  • Dave
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    You sound like a total cvnt. Hope he dumps your @ss and finds someone mature enough that understands the difference between "enabling" and "being a caring girlfriend". So you send him $20 for a couple hours. Who cares?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    He makes two hundred a day breaking his back so he can get laid, by you. He wants twenty dollars for lunch because of something he couldn't control. Shut up. 

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