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Don’t know what to do help??!?

I think I’m dating a mama’s boy we have been together for 2 years I’m 20 and he’s 21 . It all started as soon as we started dating in high school we started off as friends he didn’t tell me anything about his mother but when we started dating everything went down hill. He would walk me home and his mom passed by and as soon as I got home she texted my mom saying she doesn’t want me near him he texted me and told me his mom didn’t want us together but he said he wasn’t going to listen. There was a big fight where she would leave voicemails for me telling me off and then she would make fake accounts on Facebook pretending to be his girlfriend and saying that he’s cheating on me for her and she’s pregnant and his sister would make rumors around the school I’m pregnant and I’m using him for money but he wasn’t working at the time?! and I would never do that his sister texted me and told me to kill myself and would literally bully me in the halls when he wasn’t there. We would go to the football games and she would pass by he pushed my leg off him and left. Its been a long while since it had happened but every time he takes me out his mother calls all the time and I have to pretend I’m not there or if she asks who he’s with he says A guys name which is his friend like what??? I've never met his mother in person What should I do should I confront him or something???

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  • Linda
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    I dated a momma's boy before and it is just no good. He probably didn't bring up his mom for a while, knowing you might not like how close he is to her. His mom sounds super protective of him and she sounds like a meddler. No wonder he didn't tell you about his mom, and she has probably ran off other girls and it sounds like a toxic family. His sister sounds like she is following in her mom's footsteps. And your boyfriend is part of the problem because he won't stand up for you and he is under her thumb completely. The problem I see here is he is a momma's boy and he feels like he needs her approval and even if you talk to him, he can't man up and stand up to her. What I would do now is talk to him her tell him you want him to quit lying and tell his mom that he is with you and ask him to stand up to her. If he won't, then you need to move on. Can you imagine if you ever marry, how life would be with this woman controlling every aspect of her son's life and constantly belittling you plus the sister bullying you on top of it? You don't need that and deserve so much more.

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    You are clearly attached so what YOU should do is of course likely to be different than what a stranger would do. I, however, am a stranger. And I've been out on my own since my 17th birthday. So I've never actually dated anyone who's Mother was in the middle of our relationship and knew when we dated or even spoke to each other. That didn't even happen when I was living at home in high school. As a 20 year old woman? I'd immediately dump a 21 year old guy who's Mom thought herself in charge of who he was dating. The second time I heard from her would be the last day I'd date her son. What are you thinking? You think you want a lifetime of HER? No, you don't.

    You want to run your own life. And date men who run their own lives as well. You are 20. It's time to get that ball rolling. Run your own life.

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    Obvious troll is obvious.

    What a completely irrational and unbelievable story.

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