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What are these potion ingredients? Did i translate the old alchemy chemical names right? What are the modern names for these alchemy stuff?

These were supposedly for a potion to add to the bath to improve my singing.

Powder of the Lunar Cycle= powdered progesterone, or maybe dust from the moon itself.

Milk of Rock= I don’t see how to get milk out of a rock, but it could be related to rock music. An ice cream shop in London sells breast milk ice cream called baby Gaga ice cream, presumably made from lady Gaga’s breast milk. She is a rock star.

White powder of columbo= possibly caffeine coffee grows in Colombia

White powder of Ostrava= possibly some sort of powder from Czechnia or maybe powdered estrogen or maybe powdered ostrich egg shell

Dust from the tail of st judy’s comet = possibly dust from comet Encke

Powder of the horn of the last unicorn= powder of rhino horn

Mermaid’s Tears= salt water

Erotocine= some sort of aphrodisiac

Aerogulus of clouds= possibly rainwater

What are these ingredients in modern chemical terms?


Which ingredients are the active ingredients in this potion and how might I obtain them? How fast will this potion work to improve my singing?

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    I can't tell you what the ingredients are, I doubt anyone could. 

    but I can tell you it won't improve your singing, in fact it may kill you. 

  • 8 months ago

    Total and complete nonsense.

    If you want to improve your singing practice and take lessons.

    Also, to improve your singing switch from bath to shower.  You always sound better in the shower.  :)

  • 8 months ago

    You can not possibly be that stupid

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