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What is(are) the main reason(s) Americans don't like illegals?

A - Skin color.

B - They don't pay taxes.C - Drug bussiness.D - They pick up more women than me.E - Some of them are getting to vote.F - They ruin the local culture.G - They spread diseases.H - Violent crimes against citizens.I - Other.

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    The secret of success to American immigration since the late 19th Century, is the the idea of a melting pot. Immigrants are systematically introduced at a reasonable and controlled rate. This can only happen via legal immigration.

    Legal immigrants get an education in how to manage in American society, which includes how not to be exploited. This includes understanding their rights. They go through a criminal background check and are checked for diseases.

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      Because you have very beautiful feeding breasts.

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    It' hurts our own citizens when they come here illegally and they have broken our laws on purpose.

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    They drive down wages, they breed like rabbits and have 12+ kids per family, they are cowards who abandoned their own countries in darkness.

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