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Does this sound like schizophrenia?

My brother use to be the happiest kid, always a smile on his face and friendly. Now you have to tell him to laugh or smile other wise he won't genereally speaking only when spoken to. Repetitive movements such as chair walking, or he avoids certain spots in the house because apparently a bug was there years ago. He has panic attacks everyday most times because he thinks people are stalking him or he thinks he will get shot. He has no friends, and when I bring friends over I try to be nice amd include him but when we are doing something he sits off to himself in a corner. I feel bad for my parents because he is now 22 and they do everything for him. He dosn't take showers frequently, walks around in his underwear, and if he does put on clothes he keeps them on for a week. When he was a kid he use to talk about hearing voices, but he says that has not happened for years. Do you think this is the case and how would you help him?

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  • 8 months ago

    No it could just be ocd and paranoia

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