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Once a praying mantis egg hatches, can I just feed them less so they also eat each other until the strongest of them remain?

I know it sounds a little messed up BUT get the F*** over it if this hurts your feelings. They re insects, and I m sure you ve killed many other insects in your life. So before you start preaching and give a useless comment, realize this is natures course.

I just want mantises that earn their spot, just like every other animal in nature. Eggs contain many tens if not hundreds of hatchlings, and taking care of them all is unrealistic. The ones that do last will be treated extremely well with their own terrariums and abundance of a varying diet.

Just wondering if anyone with experience knows (without bias) if that is okay for their growth? I mean females already eat the males, and in general praying mantises eat almost anything.

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    yeah, that's perfectly fine. just make sure that you remove the larger/stronger ones as you spot them, otherwise they could get overwhelmed and get eaten too, and provide them with another source of prey that is not their family. basically keep an eye on them and weed out the good ones as you go. 

  • joe
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    they will automatically cannibalize their weaker and slower and smaller siblings. starving them into eating eachother will MAYBE yield a decent crop of gangster gladiator cannibal mantids, but can produce the exact opposite of the desired result, in the end yielding only the mantids smart enough to out wit, or out perform the more dominant siblings and evade them. most mantis species are stationary ambush predators from birth, so if nothing ever comes by, they will absolutely starve to death, unable to even feed off of the others in the clutch, because instinctively they know they are in a world of ambush predators that are virtually invisible without the confirmation of movement, and will not risk moving, even to the point of dying in their ready stance to ambush the nest thing to come close

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    If you don't feed them at all they cannabalize each other. Fruit flies are best, you can raise those very easily in a bottle with gauze over the top so they don't get out.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yeah but I'd give them other stuff too so they become good at hunting other prey.   I had a giant green preying mantis once and I have quite a few wild ones in my yard.  They are pretty cool hunters even when quite small.  Just be careful your last mantis' don't kill each other.  

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  • 8 months ago

    yes, its survival of the fittest, make the week ones suffer and die alone.

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