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Darcie asked in Science & MathematicsZoology · 8 months ago

How could I have this conversation with my parents?

Hello 👋,

As you may know from my other posts and profile, I’m an animal rights person. I’m semi-vegan.

 Anyhow, I’m against captivity for wild animals, including dolphins and whales, the exception being sanctuaries and rescues. However, my family would like to go to Florida next year. We’ve been before. They probably won’t go to SeaWorld again, but they would like to go to Discovery Cove. However, I think it’s wrong. Some of the dolphins were likely caught in the wild. They are exploited and kept in tanks much, much smaller than the space they would have in the wild. They are, maybe, forced to swim with humans and disrespected by being trained to do unnatural tricks for entertainment, for profit.

 My mum thinks that it’s okay, as not all of the dolphins would have been taken from the wild and the dolphins like to play. My mum also has said about that the animals in zoos wouldn’t survive in the wild. However, I still think it’s wrong to keep them captive and exploit them for our sake. If they can’t survive in the wild, maybe it would be better for them to be in sanctuaries or for the zoos to switch over and become sanctuaries, and exist primarily for animal rescue, the animals’ wellbeing and conservation, and prioritise human health and safety as equal to the animals, rather than existing for profit...

 Back to Discovery Cove, I would like to dissuade them from going, but I’m concerned they’ll get upset and I’ll get upset. What should I do?


Please don’t answer unless you’re actually going to advise me on having the conversation and not be in defence of captivity...

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  • 8 months ago

    You do know that except for Japan and China, removing healthy dolphins from the wild ended back in 1982. As for zoos, any animals in those that have a hard time adapting to captivity ARE placed in sanctuaries. One of the largest dolphin sanctuaries is just south Florida in the keys, you miss that, you miss something special.

    You know many of these animals are social and much of their enrichment is playing and training with handlers, if their activities bring in a paying public, so much the better as it cost a fortune for pro level personnel,vets, and handlers, not counting meds, food,and facilities.

    You want to make believe activest, donate to these sanctuaries and facilities.

    And no talking PETA here, they are only there for the money in their pocket.

    Your biggest upset and concern, is you simply do not know the truths and facts and stuck in your own world of opinions.

    You get your zoology degree, then you have room to comment.

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  • 8 months ago

    Just don't go with them to the show, do something else instead. You can't force someone else to not do something they want to do.

  • MARK
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    8 months ago

    There are two very important pieces of information that I would want to know before I would advise in this situation. The first is information you are under no obligation to provide. It is your age. Knowing it would give me some reference point as to your intellectual development and how you are likely to argue a point and how seriously those listening to you will take you. I find the answer by L.N. that you are a child and have no valid viewpoint to be patronising. I am a child and always will be a child of my parents. So the comment is rather ludicrous.

    The other piece of information I would want and it is probably too complex to give here, but it is your relationship with your family. If it's likely to be, "oh how sweet, another of Darcie's little pet projects", it probably is not worth having the conversation now. You will achieve nothing but frustration for yourself. At the opposite end of the scale, so to speak, if you are listened to the way to do it is to put forward a reasoned argument backed up with facts/evidence. There is no point you simply saying it is cruel and your mother saying it is not. That is just two opinions and whose to say which one is the right one. However, even if you are not believed you put forward the most powerful and convincing argument if you state the facts (and only the facts) and support them with evidence. You need to be objective, reasoned and calm.

    Good luck! I fear you will need it.

    If it is of any value to you I, too, believe and know, and the facts bear us both out, that keeping cetaceans in captivity, even if captive bred, is cruel and unnecessary.

  • L.N.
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    8 months ago

    Like most children, you think the world revolves around you and what you want. It doesn't. Places like Discovery Cove and Sea World are the main reasons that anyone is aware of and concerned about marine mammals. If not for Shamu, few people would know what an Orca is. These captive animals are like ambassadors for their species. They help spread awareness and the small cost of a few captive animals has a big payback for their species. 

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  • 8 months ago

    Go to Discovery Cove.  Enjoy the show.  Then write a letter to the management of Discovery Cove about your concerns that the dolphins might be happier in the wild.

    That letter will have more effect on captive dolphins than getting your parents upset would.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Look, those ones are caught in the wild or raised in captivity. They do not know of any other life than the life of the tank world.  They outlive their wild brothers who have to put up with boat propellers, sharks, diseases and other.  For the animals to be on exhibition shows us FLATLANDERS what is out in the oceans.  That they are intelligent.  Maybe Aquaman LIVES?

    , If it going to upset you, then don't talk about it. If your mom goes or doesn't go will not stop the other millions of people from going.   The profit the show makes goes to care and maintenance of the creatures and maintaining their enclosures and doctors and medicine and scientific study to learn more about them.

    Look at "Happy Feet" the animated story about Penguins.  While it was not real, it entertained us into knowing that they exist in large numbers in Antarctica.  That they rely on the fish on that region to survive.    So much so that Antarctica has been declared a world heritage site and no oil or mining is to happen on that continent nor fishing in the seas surrounding it.

    If people did not know, business would go in and destroy that ecosystem...because man is good at destroying.  Let him learn, and maybe more respect will be paid to those creatures, for we are all intertwined in the web of life.

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