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In USA how are neighborly relations? better or worse than Italy?

1 in Italy seems to have to fraternize with the neighbors, who then often become nosy and oppressive ... in the use instead? 2 neighbors in Italy are annoying if you have music at high volume .. and immediately they create problems for you. 3 I saw that the gardens of the USA have no gates ... and if an idiot enters my garden? 4 if a thief enters, can I defend myself?

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    Any neighbors I've ever had respect boundaries.  I live in a large apartment building in the USA and, because of a Tuesday morning coffee get-together, know many of my neighbors.  We seldom visit each other but when we do we call first.  We are not loud and boisterous.  Neighbors are quiet and respect others rights to quiet enjoyment of their apartments.

    When I was growing up there were lots and lots of kids in my neighborhood; we all played together when we were children but that ended when we became teenagers and became involved in school activities and dating.  Our parents knew each other but I'm not aware of any of them socializing much; maybe they talked to each other if they happened to be outside at the same time but no one developed true friendships.  No one EVER was too loud.

    I have had neighbors in apartment complexes who have played their music at a high volume.  They are very inconsiderate and if that is what you do, then you are an inconsiderate person.  Those neighbors didn't last long; the landlords didn't put up with residents who bothered their neighbors; they were evicted.  Which is as it should be.

    Apparently you weren't taught any manners nor consideration of others.  No one should have to listen to your music.  No one should have to turn the volume up of their own music because yours is drowning theirs out.

    Shame on you for your entitled attitude.  Most cities in America have noise ordinance laws.  In my city, if someone outside is playing music or their radio so loudly that it can be heard 50' away then they must pay a heft fine.

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    The average American generally treats his or her neighbors the way they would like to be treated by those neighbors: with friendliness, with respect for their privacy and their property, and with the understanding that we're willing to help each other if our neighbor is in need of assistance.

    Neighbors who play music loudly, or who are annoying to their neighbors, or who trespass without knocking on your door first...well, they are dealt with appropriately. Now, if an American lives in a neighborhood filled with neighbors like those...well then, the smart American moves to a neighborhood filled with civilized neighbors. This is just common sense, no?

    Hope this helps!

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    I dont know any of my neighbors.  Never even said hi.  In the usa

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