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How are the working hours at the Big 4 Accounting firms?

I'm an accountant and never worked at any of the Big 4 accounting firms. I heard they had crazy working hours, but I've worked in two private firms since I graduated college. Both firms required me to work 9am to 7pm consistently all year round. Sometimes, hours may be longer if things get really crazy tho. My cousin, who used to work in one of the Big 4 firms before, told me that my hours are ridiculous. He said, he did work crazy hours when he was at public accounting, but it was only seasonal. The fact that I work until 7pm all year round means I'm working a lot more hours than people in public accounting.

Is my cousin right? Are hours better at the Big 4?

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  • Don G
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    6 months ago

    The number of hours you work per week should be the least of your concerns about your job and career. If you want to advance fast, assuming you are capable,  a Big 4 Firm is the best way.

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