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I have to have a 2nd surgery and have no FMLA time left?

Hi 6 weeks ago I had bunion surgery and was planning to go back to work next week as my fmla will be exhausted and I was set to be healed enough to return. However, I went back to the doctor today and he said my bones haven’t healed like they should and I will need another surgery to correct this. All 12 weeks are exhausted with fmla so I have lost all job security and I’m highly doubtful my job will hold my position for me without it. Is there anyway I could file for disability or anything to receive some sort of pay until I recover and can get a new job? I’m completely at a loss at this point. I wasn’t expecting this at all. 

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    Unless your job offers short term disability, or you have taken out short term disability insurance...  No, there is no disability you can apply for.

    Disability thru the government is for someone who is completely unable to work, and it is expected that their condition will last AT LEAST a year or longer..   You wont be eligible for disability because you are recovering from surgery

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    Unless you have some sort of disability insurance through your job, then no, no disability.

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    FMLA requires employers to keep your job for up to 12 weeks in a rolling 12 months for unpaid medical leave. There are no laws that prohibit the employer from allowing more time off.

    You didn't actually supply sufficient information to determine is you meet the requirements for any type of disability.

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    theres programs out there for people without health ins, i had 5 surgeries without it, i one is the indigent care program, i would ask your doctor about it

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