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What should he do now regarding legalities?

Please read my previous question before this one just for background information:

Originally she wanted to meet & talk with him & get the money she paid him back, seems fair

But the lady messaged saying she wants

- $100 per person who was in the house

- Hand written apology letters from every person who was in the house

- $350 from whoever slept on her bed

- The money back she paid him

- Two of the girls that were there to meet with her

- Him to talk to her police friend

She is saying this money will go to the SPCA as a donation and then her house keepers who had to clean up but he did not make a mess at all she didn't even know about it til she checked the cameras. My friend is a college student who does not even have this much money. He is trying to accept that but at this point she is in possession of a video of a 17 year old girl hooking up which is child pornography & didn't let him know of video cameras in bedrooms which is an invasion of privacy. He knows what he did was wrong and thinks the price for the bed cleaning & returning of the money is acceptable but $100 per person?! I don't know if at this point it is better to get a lawyer involved or not its kind of like shes blackmailing/using him and he does not know what to do. 

He wants to mail her a check and apology letter and block her number on his phone cause she keeps changing what she wants to do. What is he liable for and what should he do?

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    This house sitter is no friend at all.  Rather than do whatever it takes to make things right he will expose the 17-year old's sex tape to the world?

    Ridiculous.  The house sitter deserves to have his life upset.


  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I don’t have to read the previous post. I remember it very well.   Just as starters, is "your friend" aware of how much information you have posted, the admissions you have made, how easy it is to locate you through your IP address is someone wants to locate you?  

    AGAIN, you are wrong on several levels. And my opinion - this isn’t about a friend. It’s about you OR you were one of the participants.

    The homeowner can “want” anything she wants. A Court COULD and WOULD decide the things to which she is entitled. Before I go any further with this, your friend should be aware that IF the homeowner has him arrested he will live with this on his arrest record. If he plans to enter a professional which requires a professional license, this charge COULD keep that from happening.

    She wants to “punish” each person who was in the house. Is she entitled to $100 per person? Depends on what it’s for. Their share of the cleanup?

    Hand written apology letters? She can’t force people to apologize. If she decides to file a Police Report naming all of the individuals and they appear before a Judge, yes, that can be part of restitution/probation. Can she claim they all entered unlawfully/illegally? Yes, she can. It will depend on what those individuals knew about entering the home. Were they aware it was NOT his home, and they were NOT allowed to be there? I don’t know.

    I wouldn’t ask for $350 from the persons who “slept” on her bed. I’d ask that the bed and bedding and mattress/box spring be replaced.

    She can ask anyone she wants to ask to meet with her. I’d meet with them AND their parents, or I’d be filing a report with the Police.

    She can ask “your friend” to talk to the Police. He doesn’t have to. He still has his civil rights. He can refuse to speak without an attorney present.

    If she hired someone to disinfect her entire house, she can ask that she be reimbursed. Your argument that he didn’t make a mess “at all” is juvenile. SOMEONE HAD SEX IN HER BED. I have no idea what ELSE they did - and apparently neither do you.

    EVEN MORE JUVENILE is your statement that she is looking at child pornography WHEN SHE IS REVIEWING THE VIDEO OF STRANGERS HAVING SEX IN HER HOME. Are you serious? Your argument is that she should have WARNED him so he could warn the STRANGERS WHO HAD SEX IN HER BED that they would be recorded? Childish and ridiculous. SURPRISE! A video of illegal activity - and very possibly sex in her bed qualifies - is not only within the law, it can be shown in Court.

    Now I’ve told you TWICE what he should do. Where are his parents? Where are the parents of the other people who were at the house? Where are the parents of the 17-year old WHO HAD SEX IN HER BED? Aren’t these people/parents the least bit concerned?  How interesting it will be when the 17-year old's parents view the video in Court or otherwise.  I don't know where you are and what the statutory rape laws are where you live.  "Your friend" could find himself in a very bad situation.

    If he’s as stupid as he appears to be, yes, he’ll send a note of apology and $100 and block her number and then she can use that as evidence in Court.

    She is far more patient than I would be.  By now I would be weary of this entire issue.  What would I do?  I'd claim the damage on my homeowners insurance (yes, I am insured against uninvited people for exactly this reason), and I'd let the homeowners insurance pursue the claim.  That would involve the presence of the Police.  The Police and the Prosecutor and the Grand Jury and the Judge can ALL view the tape of the SEX IN THE HOMEOWNER'S BED without her knowledge.

    This could be a great start to the 27-year old's career in porn.

    Don't believe me?  Contact an attorney in your State.

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