Video Game Doors?

Why do some video games have doors that u can go through just fine and then they also have other doors where when u go through them it basically shows a loading screen and you have to wait like a minute? Why dont they make it so that every door you go through u can go through without a loading screen?

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  • 9 months ago
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    In short, it all depends on how the developers choose to manage the assets in their game.  Doors & elevators are just an easy (& potentially lazy) method to break up the game world (or parts of a level) into something a bit more manageable for the console (or computer) to handle.

    GTA V, for example, is one game that tends to run on a streaming buffer around the player & will constantly load & unload components (at a certain bandwidth threshold) as the player moves around the world.  The same can be said for GTA Online as well.  Once a player enters a player-owned building or space, the game will do a small loading sequence to pull the configurations for the player space & their details.  It will reload (& refresh) the world when leaving. 

    Other games, like Metroid Prime series & Mass Effect try to hide their loading sequences through the elevators in game, where they do the major loading & unloading of levels.  Metroid Prime series also hides some micro-loading with their doors, where the game keeps the door closed until the next room (which might be larger than average) is fully loaded.  This is just an obvious thing in the games when attention is brought to it, but you might have glossed over this detail when playing when it seems reasonable.  As much as I hate to say it, some games may not do it as well as it could be just bad or lazy programming...  but some might do it for effect.  Resident Evil 1 tends to fall under this as there's a small loading sequence EVERY time you leave a room (typically through a door).  Future Resident Evil games tend to a bit better with loading sequences.

    It's all the matter of how the game is designed to handle things.

  • 9 months ago

    Youd be sitting a while in the beginning if they did that. Games with large maps typically load portions of the map instead of the whole thing to save resources and loading times. When you go through a door and it loads that area has not been loaded yet. Trust me its much better to break up the load time then to have one huge loading wait. Doom 2016 does this and its quite aggravating to wait 35 seconds everytime you die

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