Call of Duty Friendly Fire?

Why does COD and Blackops and other ganes have friendly fire? I understand having friendly fire for the main characters like So u dont kill captain price in Cod but why dont they let you kill as many teamates as you want? What does it hurt? In my opinion it doesnt hurt anythibg to kill the unimportant friendlies!

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  • 9 months ago
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    Many games (like CoD) have Friendly Fire for sake of realism.  It requires you to properly assess the situation & figure out WHO to properly attack.

    Friendly Fire is something to avoid as it hurts your team by incurring an undesirable handicap.  Considering that you effectively HELPING your opponents, you're going to enrage your teammates that will likely kick you off their team & you risk getting banned in general for unsportsmanlike conduct.

    PuBg consider a kill by Friendly Fire as a serious offense, which you can get banned, because this is a 100% COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE SITUATION.  The game admins generally won't issue bans against users when it's done in the heat of the moment (where a player may incur friendly fire unintentionally), but will do so when it's obviously intentional.  It's still highly desirable as your team has to spend healing items unnecessarily to fix the damage that was dealt OR run a player down compared to other teams (having less manpower & ultimately resources to combat others).

    The other issue with Friendly Fire is that while it may seem like an accident when it occurs sparingly, but repeated offenses make you look like an uncaring jerk & will trust you less (because you will hurt anybody, regardless if they're friend or foe).  This will also shrink your potential player pool because your reputation as a "Team Killer" will haunt you (causing players to AVOID in team matchings, potentially leaving your team as soon as they see your username on their side).

    If you don't think Friendly Fire is potential issue, just keep going...  Just don't be surprised if you find yourself alone in team play in the foreseeable future.

  • 9 months ago

    It's funny when friendly fire is enabled.

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