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am I autistic or something?

Outside of home, Im very shy and timid. I get SO NERVOUS talking to people and even the thought of it makes my stomach turn. But at home, Im SUPER loud. I literally screech and sing loudly. I make jokes and feel super comfortable at home. Am I autistic or just have anxiety problems?

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    I don’t think your autistic pursey....  becouse autism is mostly repetitive behaviors that you cannot control and it makes it hard for them to listen becosue they get so distracted. I have a question, can you control the loud screeching at home and do you recognize when you are and able to stop?  And btw don’t  listen to the people below I also have that problem I deal with every bad social anxiety up to the point where I feel like if I look at anyone there all judging me and laughing at me but when I’m at home I feel so happy I talk a lot and can be myself! I think you are most likely an introvert and prefere not making a lot of social interaction outside of your house which is perfectly fine. I mostly just play videogames and watch tv try maybe going outside more and meet new people get out your comfort zone and do things you wouldn’t normally do!!!!! 

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    You are capable of reflection , that's your answer.

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    Nobody in here can answer that. You need a professional diagnoses for both of those - autism is more then being shy/timid outside, it's a developmental disorder that is characterized by difficulty in social interaction and communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour.

    Only a professional can tell you what you are after you have an assessment

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    hi, i'm a speech and language therapist and i can tell you that i don't think you are autistic, you are just shy. If you think you are too much shy you could see a psychologist. I was like that too and now i work with people with no problem.

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  • 9 months ago

    Being shy does not qualify for a diagnosis of autism.

    I know plenty of people who are actually diagnosed with autism, and most of them are not shy at all.

    You're just shy. Why does it have to be anything else?

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    Visit a doctor if it's really concerning. I understand what you mean, I used to be really quiet outside but at home I was really loud. You're probably just an ambivert. Being like that doesn't necessarily mean you're autistic

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