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What if your brain could be hacked?

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  • 3 months ago

    Hopefully whoever does it uses all the good stuff & discard ALL the bad stuff otherwise I'd probably be gutted & hung upside down. We all have our crosses to bare for sure. mo

  • 8 months ago

    Hopefully whoever is capable of such a thing is an ethical hacker.  Otherwise I am in trouble.    

  • David
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    you watch too much syfy channel.

  • 8 months ago

    Hasn't that already happened? 

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  • 9 months ago

    then i would be in trouble

  • rick
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    This could happen in the foreseeable future. Start thinking the right thoughts!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    9 months ago


    You'd probably be traumatized for life.

  • Lv 6
    9 months ago

    Just thinking that way means you need to see a psychiatrist for Seroquel! :o

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