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How often did you get grounded as a child/teen and how long?

For me I got in trouble most between the ages of 14-17, it was mainly because I either snuck out at night or got caught drinking and coming home super late. The drinking got me grounded for 3 months, sneaking out and coming home late were generally about 2 weeks to maybe a month.

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    Only once, for two weeks, end of my senior year. My best friend asked if I wanted to go to the drive in. I thought he meant the hamburger place, but it turned out he meant movie. Double feature. On a school night. And I didn't call home. So I missed out on year book night. Looking back, it was worth it.

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    Not often. I was smart enough to follow two rules. If my sister tries it and it doesn’t work for her chances are it won’t work for me and don’t do something if i can’t tell my mom and dad about it. Those two things always kept me out of trouble...i did get in trouble for breaking curfew a few minutes once...not grounded, just a lecture. I got in trouble once for missing a whole day of school, (i was at a leaders summit) not skipping class. Another much shorter lecture when i explained. Grounded once for getting my motorcycle, because it’s dangerous and can’t be used year round where i live. My parents were fine with the license to drive one but they did not like it when i actually got the bike. Grounded for 3 months

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