Can a radiologist (Dr. who reads xrays) know what it is?

I've had a few xrays, MRI, ultrasound on my shoulder & each one has said "osteoarthritis". My question here is, how does the radiologist know it's OSTEOarthritis,& not RHEUMATOIDarthritis? Would there be a certain chartacteristic?

I'm having problems with my shoulder(s), & the tests (as mentioned) state OSTEOarthritis. Thanks in advance!!


I thank everyone however; I just need to know...does the radiologist know the difference between Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid arthritis just by looking at the xrays? As mentioned, I've had xray, MRI, & CT..all say Osteo. Thanks

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  • Tavy
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    8 months ago
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    Osteoarthritis shows up as wear and tear.

    Rheumatoid is inflamation of all the joints not just one area. It also shows up on a blood test.

  • 8 months ago

    There are vastly different.  Rheumatoid arthritis affects multiple joints all over the body and it affects connective tissues in internal organs as well.  In affected joints, inflammation, and  bone and cartilage loss tends to occur on all facets of the entire joint.   People with Rheumatoid arthritis also have a vaeriety of symptoms unrelated to the joints. 

    Osteoarthritis causes cartilage and sometimes bone to wear away in only a portion of a joint.  Wear typically occurs on one particular facet of a joint, due to trauma or joint articulation that occurs in a plane that is slightly skewed from the normal plane of motion.  In addition, osteoarthritis is isolated to one or a few individual joints.   

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    8 months ago

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    8 months ago

    Well definitely don't trust a well educated radiologist definitely go with the morons on Yahoo answers

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