bed Bugs ?

Found bed bugs in my room that is in the basement in a fairly big house. Called exterminator; they said we caught it very early. Did a heat treatment in the one room, sprayed chemicals and layed a powdered pesticide. Sprayed the rest of the house furniture etc. killed majority of the bugs, I found a few alive. Exterminator said they were poisoned and were gonna die eventually. Dried all my sheets twice. Moved into a spare room upstairs. I’ve been super paranoid, is it possible they can follow me up stairs “if” there is a few if not any alive that would possible follow me upstairs? I also put baby powder all over the floor to prevent them from exiting the room. 

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  • 8 months ago
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    In short, no they won't follow you upstairs.  They aren't that clever or long-ranging, they're bugs.

  • zeno
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    8 months ago

    Wrong. Here is how it works. They get inside

    The walls and addict and make colonies of

    Bugs. I live in an apartment and they are

    In the building. I killed all the bugs in my

    Apartment several times but they eventually

    Show up again. They usually try and hide in

    The corners of the ceiling and wall in the pop

    Corn ceiling. I look all over the apartment

    Everyday incase a new bug shows up. If

    You don't kill them at that point they can

    Set up a new colony of beg bugs in the

    Apartment. I used fly paper and a stick to

    Grab them off the ceiling and clear shipping

    Tape the get the baby bed bugs off the bed

    Sheets. I used myself as bait. Every time

    I got out if bed or before I got into bed I

    Cleaned the bed of any tiny black spots

    That were usually baby bed bugs. A baby

    Is so small you can see it standing up. It

    Is the size of a grain of tiny black pepper.

    You only see it if you bend over and slowly

    Look at every inch of the bed sheets. They

    Also lay completely still in most cases so

    You don't notice them. They are sneaky

    So get ready to a constantly look for them.

    If they are in the neighborhood they will

    Always be coming back inside at some

    Point. Make it part of your daily routine

    To look for them.

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