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What is momentum? ?

Please explain it so I could understand.... i need to write a script about momentum but im not understanding what momentum is. 

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    Momentum is defined as the product of mass and velocity, m*v.

  • goring
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    There are two types of Momentum;Linear momentum and rotational Momentum.

    Linear momentum is linear motion Energy per unit velocity.

    Rotational momentum is Spin Energy per unit rotational velocity

    Without mass in motion momentum does not exist. Thus motion requires a mass.

    Anything mass less cannot move or have momentum.

    In collision there is a both an Energy division and a Power division between the two colliding masses. If the collision is not perfect  elastic ,momentum is not conserved.

    The only collision that is perfect elastic  is the collision between two photons,thus here momentum is conserved

    Momentum does not exist without a cause of motion.

    Basically Power is needed to cause motion.

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    Momentum allows a moving mass to exert a force over a period of time.  It is conserved in a collision because the two masses exert equal and opposite fores for the same length of time.

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    Momentum is the product of velocity and mass. I can stop a marble moving with a given velocity but I can not stop car with the same velocity as it momentum is very large. I can catch a water drop falling from a terrace but not a water pot. I can catch a tennis ball but not a bullet when they have the same momentum.

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  • 8 months ago

    Momentum is mass times velocity.

    That says it all.

  • 8 months ago

    In general momentum is an expression of an object's effect in a collision.

    The greater the mass of the object the greater the effect.

    The greater the velocity of the object the greater the effect.

    (and, of course, vice versa for both m and v)

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    Mass x Velocity

    When two objects collide, use addition and subtraction of vectors to determine the result of the collision.

  • 8 months ago

    if an object is moving, momentum is the product of its mass x its velocity. SI unit is kg•m/s, kilogram meters per second. US units are (I think) pounds-mass feet/second

    Since velocity is a vector, so is momentum. Both have magnitude and direction.

    Momentum is always conserved. In a collision, the total momentum of the objects is the same before and after the collision. Note that momentums are added using vector arithmetic.

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