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Can you go to uni on a work visa? (UK)?

Sorry for the long ask:

Ok, so I’m a 17yr old student in the uk, and I’m off to uni in a few months. Most people at my work know this as I’ll have to leave. One of my “work friends” is from another country, and has very suddenly - in the last 3 weeks - decided they want to go to uni. The same uni me and my other friend want to go to and wants to live with us. I think they’ve sorted out their UCAS and, other than the obvious issues such as will we get in, and after a year in halls will we be able to get a place to live, they’re here on a work visa. Surely they need a student visa to study? And if they don’t will they have to work full time alongside uni? I haven’t spoken to them yet because I don’t want to hurt their feelings, and I know it’s a bit late as the deadline is today (I’m writing this at 1am on the 15th jan 2020), but I’m worried they haven’t thought it through. As well as all of this, I’ve only known them about a year, and that’s through about 6hrs a week

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    Depends where they're from. If they're an EU citizen, and a resident in the UK, they're fine (they just need to ensure they've applied for settled status).

    If they require a work visa to work, they'd also require a student visa to study. To get one, they'd need to return home and apply for a student visa. This would require proof of funds first, and they'd be also paying the higher international fees.

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    Steer clear of this person! Sounds like fraud. There are no employment visas in UK for unskilled, uneducated labor. And NO way to go to school on employment visa. Employment visas are obtained by the employer & ONLY valid for full-time work for that specific employer. Last day of full-time employment is the last day that visa is valid.

    No attending school on employment visa. If accepted by a university in UK, they must apply for student visa from within their own country. Visas are ONLY issued by a country's consulates in foreign countries. Must receive the visa prior to entering the country.

    Brush them off. Especially tell them you already have housing arranged for school, and cannot accommodate them in any way! This sounds really bad, potentially a big problem for you if you get involved with this person in any way. Be polite at work & absolutely nothing more!

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    I think so... A work visa is one of the ways you can live in the US legally before you can become a citizen. If you don't know, an immigrant can only become a citizen after living in the US for fourteen years or more. I'd definitely do more research, though.

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    i would ask immigration about it

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