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What charities can I find donated furniture?

I don't want to post too much information as its personal but I'm in desperate need of furniture and don't have much money to spend. So I was hoping to find a charity or company that donate furniture to those that need it.

I'll be happy with just a mattress, chair and table. The place I'm going to live at has a fridge and stove.


As someone asked I live in the US.

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    Its hard sometimes to find good items, but that would be based on how little money you have, who's sponsoring the charity and the location. One might suggest observing the streets of neighborhoods. Sounds odd, true, but many people put things out on the curb for garbage pick up or because they are moving and no longer need it. I did in hopes someone would grab it from my front lawn. Mostly because It was too heavy or the donation site actually said they didn't want it. Aside from that.

    There are many different types of goods provided as well as free furniture programs available. Usually an organization near you that helps the low income, such as the Salvation Army or St. Vincent de Paul, will provide essential items to struggling families or individuals. This may include beds, kitchen tables, cribs, small appliances, mattresses, couches, household supplies, and small furnishings for a new home. Many more items may be provided as well by the furniture banks or organizations that offer support.

    The furniture items are given out for one of many reasons like; 

    -A family living in poverty that is getting established into a new home may be given items. 

    -Formerly homeless person can be given beds, blankets, and other needed furnishings for a new apartment. 

    -Women or fleeing domestic violence are often major beneficiaries of the charities that pass out free furniture. 

    -Immigrants, the unemployed, and the disabled can often get help from a furniture bank. 

    -Low income senior citizens can often get free furniture items that focus on mobility issues. 

    -Programs help families rebuilding from a disaster or emergency situation, such as a fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, or the like. 

    -Low income parents, and single moms and dads, can get items for newborn, including free baby items.

    When I moved homes, I dumped a lot of the items onto local churches that had food pantries and donations for those less fortunate. I had a lot of junk and had to make stops off at the libraries, churches, Salvation Army and habitat for Humanity. Goodluck

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    Charities can't make money by giving **** away. The Salvation Army collects items and then sells them very cheaply to people with little money.

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    Yahoo groups has a group called ‘free cycle’, sign up and recycled free things are posted to use.

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    you could try the thrift stores

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    Drive through nice areas on garbage pick up days. There can be some decent stuff put out, especially if they are moving.  Ask family, friends and coworkers for any old furniture they aren’t using.  Go to yard/garage sales.  You can check out local thrift stores.  See if they have furniture “in the back” that they don’t put out or are going to get rid of.  

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    Where do you live, which country?

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    Do you live near any colleges. If you do, wait until may or June when the students have graduated and moving out of their apartments. Some of them throw away their furnitures so just drive around and find them near dumpsters. 

    You can also go on campus and find notices tacked to bulletin boards. There are usually some ads from students wanting to get rid of their junk. 

    Why would you want a mattress. It could be full of bed bugs and bodily fluids. 

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