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Why do some people act like shopping at Walmart is beneath them?

I know some people that don’t shop at Walmart. And refer to groups of people as “Walmart shoppers” as if it is beneath them to shop there. What’s wrong with it? They have lots of things people need, all in one place and usually a good price. 

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    Totally agree.

    Image thing.

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    Never had a bad experience at Walmart. Will never go to another Target, based upon my one experience there. Walmart is the only department store within 50 miles of here.

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    I boycott Walmart because of their employment practices.  Something is wrong with a company when their employees have to go to court and sue them in order to get a fair wage and to be treated right - I'm thinking specifically of their female employees.

    I went to Walmart once and still feel guilty about it.  I will never go again.  I prefer Target but seldom shop there either.  I shop at Macy's and Kohl's, C.B. Banks, TJ Maxx and similar places where the quality of clothing in particular is of high quality and will last longer.  I also do much of my shopping online.  Anyplace other than Walmart.

    The clientele leaves much to be desired.  A lot of lowlifes I would never run into anywhere else I shop.

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    I don't like Walmart because they pressure suppliers to move their manufacturing overseas.  Thus offshoring our jobs.  I rarely go to Walmart & prefer either Target or stores @ the mall.  And as a last resort Amazon.

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    What's wrong with it?

    On my most recent trip, I was the 2nd person in line:

    - person being helped, another person, then me.  The person actively being checked out had a kind of big order.  The man in front of me had about 10 items.  I had 6 = it took SEVENTEEN MINUTES to check out (that's about 1 minute per item scanned).

    I also had an online pick-up on this order - why is the online pick-up in the most inconvenient place in the store?!?!? 

    Now let's talk about the parking lot - it was not well lit, it had trash all over it and there were 6 cop cars parked right in front. 

    Unless it's the only store that has an item or I really need something and it's "right there", I'll go to it.  But on a day to day basis, the wasted time, the horrible experiences, etc etc etc etc - is not worth my time to bother with. 

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    Well, a lot of people boycott Walmart for different reasons. Some people don't like the politics Walmart employs. Some people hate Walmart because it forces small businesses to shut down. Some people hate Walmart because everything they sell seems to come from out of the country. Some people hate Walmart because they find customer service poor. Some people boycott Walmart because of past work experience. 

    If you don't see any problems then there is no issue. There are plenty to businesses that cater to different people. 

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